About the project

SST-1M was originally developed as a prototype of the Small-Sized Telescope for the Cherenkov Telescope Array, optimized for observations of gamma-rays with energies above 3 TeV. The SST-1M design is based on the Davies-Cotton concept with a 4-m multi-segment mirror dish composed of 18 hexagonal facets, and an innovative camera featuring a fully digital readout and trigger system. In contrast with most of the current Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes, the camera pixels are based on the SiPM technology, allowing for operation even under a high Night Sky Background, which increases the telescope duty cycle significantly.  A pair of the SST-1M telescopes was constructed at IFJ, Kraków and in 2021 and 2022 re-installed at Ondrejov Observatory, Czech Republic, where prototypes are now commissioned. The telescopes’ capabilities for mono and stereo observations are being tested until the final location of the SST-1Ms is decided.

We are developing a data analysis pipeline sst1mpipe for SST-1M event reconstruction. The output data format follows closely the ctapipe data model, making it compatible with modern tools for high-level data analysis like gammapy. We also performed a detailed Monte Carlo study of both telescopes, validated on data and laboratory measurements, and present the performance of the telescopes working both independently and in a stereo regime.