Mono and stereo performance of the two SST-1M telescope prototypes

Jakub Jurysek (on behalf of SST-1M Group), ICRC 2023, Nagoya, Japan, 26. 7. – 3. 8. 2023

The Single-Mirror Small-Sized Telescope, or SST-1M, was originally developed as a prototype of a small-sized telescope for CTA, designed to form an array for observations of gamma-ray-induced atmospheric showers for energies above 3 TeV. A pair of SST-1M telescopes is currently being commissioned at the Ondrejov Observatory in the Czech Republic, and the telescope capabilities for mono and stereo observations are being tested in better astronomical conditions. The final location for the telescopes will be decided based on these tests. In this contribution, we present a data analysis pipeline called sst1mpipe, and the performance of the telescopes when working independently and in a stereo regime.

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